Dec 012014

Hi Cast and Crew of CUHS Drama’s Fall Production –

We did not get a very big crowd for the “post mortem” last Tuesday after school, but those who were there offered valuable insight of which I wish to share with everyone. Before I get started, I want to mention that these sessions are very valuable for the continued success of this program. It is better to learn the “easy” lessons in this environment, not in the big arena of the Spring Musical.

And one more thing, I was extremely proud of the way you all pulled this off. I know the inaugural CUHS Drama’s Fall Production was not quite in the league of SNL, but it came very close. The combined audiences approaching 300 (170 on opening night alone!) received a worthy theatre experience that night. Your preparation, responsiveness, and decorum were on par with professional theatre, and the patrons recognized this. So, congratulations! You all did an awesome job. And I know virtually all of you had as much fun as I did putting this on.


– Lighting

– Actors working with the tech crew

– Good props and costumes

– High fun factor

– Good team building

– Comfortable/safe environment

– Opportunity for less experienced actors to perform

– Promoted interest in theatre at the middle school

– Actors were not intimidated by the large, overflow house

– Community realized drama potential of the high and middle school students

– High level of enjoyment by the audience

– The four casts were awesome

– Everyone covered well when lines got off

– Backstage noise level was low to non-existent (except when Randy crashed into the set)

– Made more than enough to cover expenses

– Cast input in the creation of each show was key

– The three directors enjoyed working with their respective casts

– The plays that were selected

– The play selection process involving Drama Club members

– The casts had fun



– Directors not assertive enough when action was not adequate or up to par

– Last-minute changes

– One or two individuals’ backstage behavior and misuse of props

– Backstage was a bit crowded

– Lack of dressing areas

– Knowing one’s line as being funny and pausing for ensuing laughter

– Sets not weighted down

– Communication between directors and casts during off hours–should get a designated texter

– Not enough photos (the ones Debbie took are terrific, but we would like to see more)

– Run-thru schedule was a bit ad hoc

– Needed 2 – 3 more dress rehearsals

– Needed more chairs on opening night and more chairs backstage

– Lines need to be delivered slower and louder overall

– Having multiple directors made it more difficult for Jan to coordinate props and costumes

– Props sometime not in correct place

– General lack of backstage, particularly regarding the audience sight lines

– Lack of a full house on Saturday evening


Okay, it is now time to move on to Young Frankenstein. Let’s build on this experience and make the 2015 musical the best ever.




– Randy


Dec 012014

Blind Date

Written by Samara Siskind

Directed by Randy Schwalbe

Marcia: Kat Cleaves

Ted: Jacob Wright


The Absolute Most Clichéd Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe

Written by Trieschmann

Directed by Randy Schwalbe

Pregnant Woman: Meg Stern

Biker: Carson Pierce

Hippie Guy: Kilian Wesemann

Instructor: Annika Marthaler

Stephanie: Zoe Markham

Brittney: Kelli Rennie

Bethany: Tori Ehlers

Clown: Kat Cleaves

Goth Kid: Jacob Wright

Normal Girl: Moselle Stieler


Happily Ever After?

Written by Laura Sebastian

Director by Jacob Wright

Ismelda: Tori Ehlers

Luella: Anna Harrington

Cinderella: Maryn Steeb

Persephone: Arabelle Staufenberg

Charming: Tristen Evans


10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Written by Don Zolidis

Directed by Katrina Cleave

Narrator 1: Nate Ehlers

Narrator 2: Olivia Hargear

Christy: Emily Dubnow

Susan: Fiona Cloward

Sam: Kelli Rennie

Jimmy: Jackson Bruce

Zombie 1: Randy Schwalbe

Zombie 2: Kyle Martin



Executive Director: Randy Schwalbe

Producer: Larry Frost

Set Construction: Todd Steeb

Props: Jennifer Ehlers

Costumes: Jennifer Ehlers and Lana Crunelle

House Manager: Nancy Taylor

Lighting: Dave Ehlers

Sound: Jesse Haus

Tech Crew: Todd Steeb and Nancy Taylor