Dec 012014

Blind Date

Written by Samara Siskind

Directed by Randy Schwalbe

Marcia: Kat Cleaves

Ted: Jacob Wright


The Absolute Most Clichéd Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe

Written by Trieschmann

Directed by Randy Schwalbe

Pregnant Woman: Meg Stern

Biker: Carson Pierce

Hippie Guy: Kilian Wesemann

Instructor: Annika Marthaler

Stephanie: Zoe Markham

Brittney: Kelli Rennie

Bethany: Tori Ehlers

Clown: Kat Cleaves

Goth Kid: Jacob Wright

Normal Girl: Moselle Stieler


Happily Ever After?

Written by Laura Sebastian

Director by Jacob Wright

Ismelda: Tori Ehlers

Luella: Anna Harrington

Cinderella: Maryn Steeb

Persephone: Arabelle Staufenberg

Charming: Tristen Evans


10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Written by Don Zolidis

Directed by Katrina Cleave

Narrator 1: Nate Ehlers

Narrator 2: Olivia Hargear

Christy: Emily Dubnow

Susan: Fiona Cloward

Sam: Kelli Rennie

Jimmy: Jackson Bruce

Zombie 1: Randy Schwalbe

Zombie 2: Kyle Martin



Executive Director: Randy Schwalbe

Producer: Larry Frost

Set Construction: Todd Steeb

Props: Jennifer Ehlers

Costumes: Jennifer Ehlers and Lana Crunelle

House Manager: Nancy Taylor

Lighting: Dave Ehlers

Sound: Jesse Haus

Tech Crew: Todd Steeb and Nancy Taylor