Dec 042013

Cast –

We will meet in the CUHS Music Room for our first read-thru  after school on Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013. We will wait for the middle schoolers to arrive before we start.

Please be prompt. You do not need to bring anything with you.

I am asking that all attend–everyone sings, and this will give you a chance to learn the gist of the show.

– Randy

Dec 042013

Producer:                            Larry Frost

Director:                              Randy Schwalbe

Music Director:                Kit Hansen

Choreographer:                Karen Garman

Dance Captain:                 Tiffany Stephens

Stage Manager:                Todd Steeb

Orchestra:                           Randy Schwalbe

Set Design:                         Tracy McConnell, Todd Steeb, Suzette Morrow

Set Construction:             Tigg Morales, Brenda Steeb , Todd Steeb, Gary Stephenson,

Joe Sasserman, Brian Wright, Tyler Malendy (sp), Greg Sessor,

Property Manager:         Jennifer Ehlers, Todd Steeb

Costume Design:              Nancy Wright, Marcia Thomey, Lana Crunelle, Cindy Bainbridge

Make-Up:                           Desiree Stephens, Jeanette Burnicker

Lighting:                              Dave Ehlers

Sound:                                  Syd Carr, Steve Finch

Publicity:                             Debbie Markum

Program:                             John Ruml

Tickets:                                 Kit Hansen

Concessions:                      Julie Castle/Karen McMannis

Merchandise:                    Cindy Sasserman, Karen R

Lobby:                                  Butch and Brenda Steeb

Dec 042013


Piano: Bill Officer

Strings: Jeff Mar

Bass: Mike Schimberg

Drums: Brendan Brewer

Mallets: Meg


Flute: Pat Burbank, Lorelei Brewer

Alto/Oboe: Ron Perry

Tenor/Clarinet: Ray Campos

Alto: Melissa Mathieson

Clarinet: Maryssa Snow

Bass clarinet: Roberto


Trumpet: Kirk Henning, Ross Miller

Horn: Larry Frost

Trombone: Steve Wilson


Back Stage Singers

Ruth Fleming

Ruth’s Friend

Kit Hansen

Kit’s Friend

Roberta Lemming

Kate Perry

Al Curtice

Mark O’Bryan

Sharkey Warrick

Lloyd Oksen

Note: Backstage singers list is not closed–if interested, contact the director.

Dec 042013


Ariel Bruce                          Adelaide                              Lead Hot Box

Jackson Bruce                    Calvin                                    Mission

Michelle Campos             Dancer                                  Hot Box

Callie Cashdan                   Arvide                                   Mission

Kat Cleave                           Mimi                                      Featured Hot Box Dancer

Emily Dubnow                   Dancer                                  Hot Box

Nate Ehlers                         Nicely-Nicely Johnson    Gambler

Tori Ehlers                           Martha                                 Mission

Maria Figueroa                  Agatha                                  Mission

Angel Gonzalez                 Waiter/Patron                   Runyonland

Anna Harrington               Rosie                                     Featured Hot Box Dancer

Cesar Hernandez             Liver Lips Louie                  Gambler

Karis Lawson                      Dancer                                  Hot Box

Brandon Loredo               Rusty Charlie                      Gambler

Cameron MacTavish       Florence                              Mission

Zoe Markham                    Patron                                  Runyonland

Annika Marthaler             Dancer                                  Hot Box

Crystal Martinez               Dancer                                  Hot Box

Marissa Martinez             Patron                                  Runyonland

Lucy McConnell               Dancer                                  Hot Box

Cameron McGurrin         Lt. Brannigan                      Police

Natalie Negley                  Patron                                  Runyonland

Karina Ochoa                     Dancer                                  Hot Box

Lindy Oriz                            Dancer                                  Hot Box

Andrew Paiz                       Angie the Ox                      Gambler

Mackenna Perryman      Sarah Brown                      Lead Mission

Treiy Petit                           Harry the Horse                                Gambler

Carson Pierce                    Benny Southstreet          Gambler

Maryn Steeb                      Dancer                                  Hot Box

Tiffany Stephens              Naomi                                   Featured Hot Box Dancer

Jasmine Torres                  Patron                                  Runyonland

Cesar Viveros                    Sky Masterson                  Lead Gambler

Ethan Walters                    Scranton Slim                     Gambler

Jacob Wright                      Nathan Detroit                  Lead Gambler

Hayley Zinn                         Dancer                                  Hot Box

Note: The remaining roles will be filled before January 2014. The director may make adjustments as deemed necessary during rehearsals.