Mar 132013
This weekend (starting 3/15) we begin our set construction in the gym……it’s crunch time.  We will be starting with laying the floor down in the gym on Friday at 3:30pm, followed by installing the lighting, and set construction starting Saturday morning and extending through Spring Break. WE NEED HELP – ALL KINDS OF HELP. We have jobs for all trades and skill levels, including no trades and no skill levels. Please, if you have time this Fri-Sat-Sun, stop by the gym and lend a hand. 
Also – some reminders regarding costumes:
1. Girls need black character shoes
2. Girls need nylons or tights that are skin colored
3. Boys need black shoes with dark socks
4. All middle school cast are wolves. This requires black pants and a plain black long sleeved t-shirt
5. If I’ve asked you to bring something specific, please bring it to the gym this weekend, or to an upcoming rehearsal
Tickets are on sale at the Cambria Chamber of Commerce. Please make all efforts to encourage your friends, family, neighbors, strangers, etc. to attend the show. Ticket sales are primarily what allow this club to go on year after year.
T-shirts will now be on sale in the gym (after Saturday).
If you have not already done so, please pay your $35 costume fee. Checks may be made payable to ‘CUHS Drama.’

Thanks very much, Kirk