Jan 312013

Thanks for your patience – I have posted the schedule for the remainder of February. We’re still working out the schedule for March,  but we will let you know asap.

Jan 232013

All those that have solo parts for “Belle” – there is a vocal rehearsal after school on Thurs. 1/23
Thursday evening scene work rehearsal for those listed on the calendar on the website.
The video for “Be Our Guest” is ready for viewing on youtube at the following link:

Please review your steps and your places. Remember, we will be doing this number while singing on Sunday.

Jan 162013

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to send a reminder that for the upcoming choreography sessions this coming Saturday and Sunday it is crucial that everyone attend (except Maxx, Evan, Ariel). We will be doing the choreography for “Be Our Guest”. I have not heard of anyone not being able to attend, but be forwarned, if you absolutely cannot make it, let me know asap. If you don’t let me know ahead of time and you don’t show up, you will not be in the number. Remember to wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, tennis shoes or dance shoes, bring water and snacks, and bring your homework or something to read while you are waiting for your time on stage. Our choreographer Sonya is very fun to work with, but she is also a professional, so she is coming in expecting that everyone has developed good rehearsal skills. “Show her what you got!”

Now for the survey,

I already asked last week at one of our vocal rehearsals, but I would also like to ask parents. Spring break happens the week before our dress rehearsal week this year and we would like to have some rehearsals during that week as long as we have most of our cast. The Sunday of dress rehearsal week (March 31) is traditionally our first dress rehearsal, but this year it is also Easter Sunday. So you can see we have some scheduling challenges the two crucial weeks before our first performance. With that in mind, cast members (or parents) please let me know the following:
1. Will you be available some or all of Spring Break for rehearsals. If some, then when?

2. Would you be available late afternoon into the early evening on Easter Sunday for a dress rehearsal.

Thanks all, you are doing a great job.