Oct 242012

Hi All,

Callback auditions will be this coming Sunday, October 28 at 1pm in the CUHS music room. We would like to have everyone who auditioned and is interested in a medium or large role to attend (that includes just about everyone by my reckoning). The callback audition will primarily include reading from the script, though be prepared for further singing and dancing evaluation.
Makeup auditions will also be on Sunday, October 28 at 1pm, so let anyone know who couldn’t make it the first time.
I will also post this on the CUHS Drama Facebook group page, and on our website which is completely up and running yet, but is good for postings.
Note:  If you cannot make the callback/makeup audition, let me know asap to make arrangements. The best way to contact me is via e-mail, but if you need to call me, you can call 805-995-4050.